What we do

Leap supports young people aged between 11 and 25 to make changes in their lives by gaining a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship with conflict. Many of the young people we work with have grown up in care, are not in mainstream education, are at risk of gang involvement and exploitation, or are caught up in the criminal justice system.

To have the greatest impact we also design training sessions and larger programmes for those who work with young people like local council workers, youth workers, prison officers and other voluntary sector workers, as they are best placed to offer support when conflict arises.

We don’t just stop there, we research into issues facing young people today to develop our understanding of conflict and its causes. This supports policy and practice changes that have a real impact.  

Finally, great leaders and great teams are excellent at managing conflict constructively. We provide training management training to all types of organisations which helps build strong teams and spark innovation. This is part of our social enterprise model and generates vital income that allows us to support more young people. 

Support for young people

Our programmes support young people to manage conflict in their lives and achieve their goals. This includes powerful and self-reflective group work, one-to-one support outside the training room and peer-mediation, delivered by experienced teams of trainers. 

Training for adult practitioners

Our training for practitioners supports them to understand their own relationship with conflict. They develop skills and tools to be more confident when responding to the needs of young people at risk of violence, offending behaviour and those struggling with low self-esteem and low aspirations. 

Major projects & policy

Leap uses an action research approach to pilot and evaluate innovative programmes that find solutions for emerging issues affecting our society. The insights gained from these allow us to influence policy and practice. 

Training for professionals

Our experienced Leap trainers create spaces for participants to grow in self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Our training style and content builds skilled and supportive teams across diverse backgrounds, enabling the organisation to thrive.

Sectors we specialise in

Criminal Justice

We have 20 years’ experience in researching, designing and delivering programmes that support those in the criminal justice system, including young offenders, prisoners and prison staff. 

Alternative Education

We offer programmes for schools, alternative education providers and Pupil Referral Units which develop the self-leadership skills of young people and the confidence and resourcefulness of teachers and support staff.

Local Councils

The training we offer for local councils supports a wide range of staff to become more effective, either within their teams or with the young people they work with. Programmes are also available for local councils to buy for their young people. 

Voluntary Sector

Our programmes develop the teamwork skills of those working in the voluntary sector and support professionals working specifically with young people to develop their skills and confidence.

How our approach works for you


Leap’s expert trainers guide you through a series of highly participatory and self-reflexive exercises...


You learn through sharing your own experiences and hearing from others in the group – discussing real life experiences...


By understanding how your thoughts and feelings impact your behaviour and the patterns of behaviour and habits that you can become stuck in...


You discover how to identify new choices for yourself in difficult situations...


And learn tools to build better relationships...


So you are able to respond more effectively, more of the time.