Our programmes develop the teamwork skills of those working in the voluntary sector and support professionals working specifically with young people to develop their skills and confidence.

Working with the voluntary sector

We work with a wide variety of third sector organisations including youth charities, homelessness charities, those who specialise in drug and alcohol addiction as well as housing associations and student unions.

Across the sector there is increasing focus on supporting young people with the most complex needs. As staff concentrate on services involving young people with challenging behaviour there is a higher acknowledged value in the training and support we offer, and how it contributes to overall impact.

Through developing tailored programmes to train both staff and young people we target the specific needs of each organisation.  In addition to training we undertake conflict audits and provide consultancy on managing conflict.


Quotes from participants

“Leap is different because they don’t say that they know all the answers. Now I feel much more confident when dealing with challenging behaviour from young people. Understanding their behaviour has a root and that there is something that must have triggered it is really helpful”

David Hill, English Tutor, Nacro

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with Leap to train 200 of our frontline staff, as well as working with them to develop ground-breaking conflict-centred interventions for young men and women who access our services. We are working with Leap to ensure that we empower our staff to understand their own triggers and relationship with challenging behaviour, so when confronted with anger they are better able to respond. I am impressed at how hard Leap's staff have worked to tailor the training to our specific needs and circumstances"

Sherry Peck, Area Director, The Children’s Society

"There were 17 of us in my group of apprentice chefs – it was hard as we all had quite big personalities which would clash in the kitchen and we always used to get in to quite heated arguments. Training helped us bond as a team and we learnt how to work together. Now we understand that our actions affect each other so we all have to pull together and communicate"

Participant, Apprentice Chef, Jamie's Fifteen


"I really valued Leap training in understanding and working with conflict situations. This helped me respond positively to a range of experiences and I particularly drew on their tools and techniques when I was working with young people at risk of permanent exclusion. Personally and professionally Leap's training had a profound impact"

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, CEO, London Youth