Organisations pay a big price when conflict gets out of hand or is suppressed, however great leaders and teams see that managing conflict well can enhance creativity, ideas generation and staff retention. 

Corporate training

We specialise in the creative management of conflict and help organisations to work with, rather than against, the conflicts that are part of everyday life. We help create workforces that are not only skilled at managing conflict, but are also able to embrace it as a positive and constructive force – an opportunity for creativity, to challenge the status quo and encourage people to move beyond their comfort zones.

Our training addresses two key areas: conflicts around workplace tasks, and conflicts in workplace relationships. Managing conflict well can lead to greater employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Our preferred approach is to work with you to design and tailor training to you and your colleagues' needs. Our training, honed over 30 years of working with individuals and groups in conflict, can look at issues such as:

  • Conflict around workplace tasks
  • Conflict in workplace relationships
  • Team conflict
  • Conflict and leadership
  • Utilising conflict positively to innovate
  • Communication in conflict

Our training engages participants through interactive games and role playing, exercises which not only lower defences and build trust and community between participants, but also encourage long-term memory formation and embedded learning. It also provides a refreshing break from standard training practices which leaves a lasting positive impression on participants.

Through exercises and group discussion, participants are encouraged to recognise and develop their existing skills and draw on their own experiences to re-shape their responses to conflict. 

We can tailor our training to focus on the conflict in your organisation or team. Below are some examples of our courses.

Our Courses

Using conflict for innovation

Usually thought of as destructive, conflict can be a positive and creative force, particularly in relation to work tasks and problem solving. Leap’s training will help your team: 

  • recognise the value of conflict 
  • understand the importance of different perspectives for broader thinking
  • develop communication skills to manage disagreements
  • explore how difference and disagreement can benefit teams and the whole organisation

Emotional intelligence toolkit for constructive teams

When tested against other workplace skills, emotional intelligence has been found to be the strongest predictor of performance. Leap training enables your team to better understand the emotional drivers within themselves and their colleagues, through self-exploration and discussion.

Our trainers understand the complex relationships within working environments, and ensure that participants can feel comfortable in exploring their emotions and sharing their experiences. Leap’s training will enable your teams to:

  • apply their own emotional intelligence to workplace challenges
  • understand anger and its causes
  • learn communication techniques to improve team relationships
  • explore the importance of support and self-care in teams

Communication for managers and leaders

Our most common conflicts at work are likely to be with our closest colleagues. Managers, therefore, need the skills to manage conflict, and staff need to be able to address conflicts with their peers as they arise.

Workplace conflict is often tackled informally through line management, with variations in how conflict is handled across a company, and success hinging on the skills and confidence of individual managers. Leap’s training will help managers to:

  • bring self-awareness to their approaches to conflict and difference
  • navigate power and roles in conflict and learn how to make these productive
  • understand negotiations around positions, interests and needs in conflict situations
  • develop communication skills to manage conflict and difference


“The training we received from Leap was highly interactive and engaging. It raised our level of awareness in relation to how we might respond to and deal with conflict situations. It also proved to be a good team building event. ”

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

“I was really impressed by what the Leap trainers achieved in just a day. The team were challenged to reflect on how they approach conflict as individuals and together as a team, they explored issues which had festered for some time and emerged with the permission to challenge one another in the future using the communication skills they had developed in the session. ”

David Allen (former Managing Director, Epsilon)