We offer programmes for schools, alternative education providers and Pupil Referral Units which develop the self-leadership skills of young people and the confidence and resourcefulness of teachers and support staff.

Working in the education sector

Nearly nine in ten young men and three quarters of young women in custody have been excluded from school at some point. For some young people, not managing the conflict in their lives can spiral out of control leading to exclusion from school. Our programmes help them to recognise the costs of their behaviour and take control of their lives.

Leap offers programmes for young people and the professionals who work with them in schools and pupil referral units (PRUs) where young people are referred to when they are excluded from school. Programmes develop the self-leadership skills of young people and the confidence and resourcefulness of teachers and support staff.  

Our programmes are designed in consultation with each organisation we work with. We offer both training for young people and those working with them.

In schools we offer leadership training and peer mediation programmes that support students to develop their understanding of conflict management and provide solutions to low level violence in the school – with students mediating conflicts with their peers.

In pupil referral units and alternative education providers we offer leadership training for young people that supports them to take responsibility for their actions and make different choices. Our training for professionals supports those working with young people to develop new approaches for working with young people and builds confidence and resilience. 

Please get in contact with the team to find out more about the ways that we can work with you to support the young people in your care and develop your staff . 


Quotes from participants

"The training was stimulating yet fun and interactive and there was a real bond created in the group . Understanding conflict triggers really gives teachers more choice in how they respond to challenges in the classroom."

Roya Gold, Senior Programme Officer, Teach First

"On the spot mediation helps resolve a conflict quickly, without it having the time to escalate into something more serious."

Head of 6th Form, The Norwood School


"I learnt to look at the thoughts that can get me hooked in a conflict situation and learnt ways to unhook myself which has stopped me getting into as many arguments."

Participant, Park Campus Pupil Referral Unit

"Many young people we work with have lost trust in the education system – we have to regain that trust. The training didn’t tell us what to do – it opened our eyes to different perspectives. We came up with our own solutions and that was really useful."

Imran, Tower Hamlets Pupil Referral Unit