Leap offers programmes for young people and adults across a wide range of institutions, including in education, criminal justice, the voluntary sector and local councils. Get in touch to find out how our programmes could help the people in your organisation better understand and manage conflict.

Our training approach

Leap is the only national charity that provides training for young people and the professionals that support them in the creative management of conflict. We have been doing this for 30 years. 

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with organisations, such as pupil referral units, youth offending services, voluntary sector organisations and local councils to design bespoke training programmes. Our programmes support professionals to develop their confidence and skills to best support young people's needs.

We also offer consultancy services, supporting a range of organisations to gain a greater understanding of the way they manage conflict and supporting lasting culture change.

Group training 

Our group work is highly participatory and interactive. Experienced trainers guide participants through a series of exercises using role-play, tableaux and facilitated discussions, and create the safe space necessary for self-reflection and sharing. Participants gain a greater understanding of how and why they behave as they do and what they would like to change.

Building on participants skills and experiences

We are not prescriptive in the way we work and we do not provide all the answers. Rather we encourage participants to recognise their existing skills and support them to build on these. Our focus is on encouraging people to change themselves rather than others. 

Participants draw on their own experiences for the exercises. Our experience is that the more participants share of themselves, the more they get out of the training.

The areas we work in

Alternative Education

We offer programmes for schools, alternative education providers and Pupil Referral Units which develop the self-leadership skills of young people and the confidence and resourcefulness of teachers and support staff.

Criminal Justice

We have 20 years’ experience in researching, designing and delivering programmes that support those in the criminal justice system, including young offenders, prisoners and prison staff. 

Voluntary Sector

Our programmes develop the teamwork skills of those working in the voluntary sector and support professionals working specifically with young people to develop their skills and confidence.

Local Councils

The training we offer for local councils supports a wide range of staff to become more effective, either within their teams or with the young people they work with. Programmes are also available for local councils to buy for their young people. 


“Leap was instrumental in me starting a career in youth work. My first volunteering opportunity was a placement in a youth club arranged through Leap. I really valued their training in understanding and working with conflict situations. This helped me respond positively to a range of experiences and I particularly drew on their tools and techniques when I was working with young people at risk of permanent exclusion. Personally and professionally working with Leap had a profound impact. ”

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, Chief Executive at London Youth

Leap’s Consultancy services

Leap provides bespoke consultancy services to help leaders ensure that conflict is managed effectively within their organisations. We design these services around the particular needs of organisations. It can include undertaking conflict audits, designing conflict training programmes that align to organisational values and priorities and ongoing post-training support.