From our action research projects and programme development, we have developed a number of publications that draw on the knowledge gained from the past 32 years. Whether you are a teacher, youth worker, housing or social worker, a staff development officer, trainer or part of a multi-agency team we’re confident that you will find our publications useful in your work.



1 Young people in the lead: 2019 Impact Report

In 2019, we transitioned from our previous strategy to a new five-year strategy. Listening to young people was central to this process. During these conversations, what stood out were the ambitions young people had for the future, and their determination to ensure that their younger siblings and the next generation of young people get the support they need to live happy and fulfilled lives. We asked Leap graduates what they believed young people would like us to help them with; the issues that are causing them conflict and challenge in their lives today.

They told us that they want us to help them stay safe. They want support in using social media in a positive way. They want opportunities to explore issues around race, identity and masculinity. They need safe spaces to explore these issues and the thoughts and feelings around them. If we are to truly address these challenges and build safer communities, it is essential that young people are in the lead.

2 Reflect, Connect & Direct: Reflection Pack for Prisoners

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been unable to continue our work within prisons. We are aware of the extra stress and restrictions that prisoners are facing, so we have created a self-development pack of 15 worksheets for the lockdown period. This reflection pack offers a guided exploration of thoughts and feelings, providing tools to strengthen relationships and to think through next steps.



3 Transforming Conflict Together: Building resilience with young people and communities

Our new five-year strategy (2020-2024) seeks to expand and further develop our programmes. We will move into new towns with programmes that are designed to address local issues through partnership work. In our new strategy, we seek to transform the way conflict is managed, not just by young people, but also by the adults who support them. Working with these adults is essential if we are to have the greatest impact with young people. In this strategy, therefore, we aim to equip parents, carers and professionals with the skills and confidence to create supportive relationships that can enable young people to make positive choices.

4 Interim Progress Report for Under our Roof (Young people in Care) Programme_Sept 2019

We have adapted our tried and tested activity based conflict management approach to the care system context to train young people, residential care workers and foster carers.

In March 2018, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations were commissioned to provide an Action Research Evaluation for 3 years of the programme development to support learning and embed an evaluation framework.

This report summarised the findings of phase 1 March 2018-March 2019.


September 2019

5 Creative Collaborations: Impact Report 2018

Our 2018 Impact Report concludes our three year strategy. As we look forward and continue to develop our programmes, we celebrate the strength of partnerships established with charities, statutory organisations and philanthropists. 

6 Theory of Change (ToC) 2018 Edition

Our latest Theory of Change (ToC) underpins everything we do. It shows how our strategy, programme design and monitoring and evaluation feed into our overall purpose: “to give young people the skills to manage conflict in their own lives, reduce violence in their communities and help lead our society”.

We can use the ToC to inform the design and ongoing development of our programmes, challenge our assumptions and test if we’re collecting the right evidence to measure our impact. It helps us to monitor our work and whether we need to make changes in order to have the greatest impact. 

7 Impact Report 2019

Our Impact Report reflects on the progress and impact we made during 2018, and takes a look forward at our future plans.

8 Theory of change 2018 Edition

Our Theory of Change distills our learning and experience into one document so that we can easily explain what we do, how it works and how we define and measure success.