New Programme launched: Young people in care

Rosie Horton, Senior Communications Officer
Wednesday 28th March 2018

We are proud to launch our new programme - Under our Roof - working with young people in the care system, and their carers (both in foster care and residential children’s homes).

The resilience, emotional intelligence and courage that young people in care demonstrate can be immense. However, being in care can also have long-term negative impacts on their education, health and life chances:

  • 40% of prisoners under 21 years old, and 23% of adult prisoners have been in care
  • 40% of care leavers are not in employment, education or training
  • 60% of young people report negative mental health outcomes after leaving care
  • 14% of young people in care achieve 5 or more A*-C GCSE’s compared to a national average of 66.9%.

Through our research we have identified that positive, supportive relationships between young people and their carers is one of the key factors needed for young people in care to reach their potential and thrive.

Being able to build good relationships is vital for all of us when we are young and this is especially true for young people in care. Before entering care, many young people have already experienced destructive relationships. They then have to build new relationships with a range of adults, from carers, to social workers, to independent reviewing officers. These relationships can be volatile - a fact highlighted by the multiple placements many young people experience, often within a short amount of time.

Research has shown that unstable relationships have a significant impact on our ability to form meaningful and healthy relationships later in life, and that this can contribute to other destructive outcomes. If young people and their carers don’t have the skills to navigate difficult relationships, it can lead to placement breakdown, change of social worker and/ or change of school.

Under our Roof aims to change this and will provide young people and their carers with the skills and confidence to manage conflict, allowing them to build healthy and stable relationships. We will take a strengths-based approach, building on young people’s potential, and supporting them to become experts in managing conflict. We are anticipating an element of the programme to involve joint training between young people and their carers. The programme will also provide an opportunity for peer to peer support to take place for both carers and young people.

To find out more please contact

This programme would not be possible without the generous support of the Esmee Fairburn Foundation, The Kurt and Magda Stern Foundation, The Berkeley Foundation and The Treebeard Trust.


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