Young people design Leap curriculum as part of #CareLeaversWeek

Jake Lake, Policy & Research Assistant
Wednesday 24th October 2018

During 24th – 30th October 2018 experienced Leap trainers and young people will be coming together to develop and design a new curriculum working with young people in the care system, and their carers (both in foster care and residential children’s homes).

In March 2018 we launched Under our Roof programme, working with young people in the care system, and their carers (both in foster care and residential children’s homes). Since then we have connected with practitioners trained in attachment theory, trauma, *social pedagogy and coordinated several focus groups speaking to around 180 young people, carers and organisations in the sector to inform programme delivery and design. The young people we spoke to were articulate and measured in their analysis of what could help them through their experience in care and self-reflective in their understanding of the many challenges social workers and carers faced in working with them.

The outcome of these conversations have lead us to believe we can positively affect the outcomes for young people and have identified needs central to programme design. These are:

  • The need to clarify of boundaries and expectations in relationships
  • The need to develop the skills to manage internal and external conflict
  • The need to be listen to, be understood and to have a platform from which to be heard, and
  • The need to feel safe.

“Workshops based around building positive relationships would be important as a lot of young people in care are susceptible to abuse [because] they aren't able to identify what a positive relationship looks like.” Feedback from a Care Leaver attending a Leap focus group


Programme ambition and direction for 2019:


During #CareLeaversWeek, Leap trainers and young people will come together to develop programme curriculum and materials ahead of launching two pilot programmes in early 2019. Looking longer term, our advisory panel along with Leap’s programme leads will be reviewing programme design and impact on the UK Care system.

If you are a young person and/or organisation advocating for positive change in the UK Care system and would be interested in working with us to support the greatest impact, then our Programme lead for Young People in Care, Katie Potter, would love to hear from you at

 *Social pedagogy: A theory and practice that enables holistic learning and well-being through empowering and supportive relationships. 

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