‘Conflict and You’ Workshop at UK Youth Conference 2018

Bhavesh Prabhakar - Programme Delivery Officer
Thursday 10th January 2019

On 14th November 2018, we were invited to deliver a taster training session at UK Youth’s annual conference.  The day began at 10.15am and kicked off with a morning of workshops around the theme of ‘Championing Youth’: aimed at helping senior staff to support their teams to better work with young people.

Following this our two trainers, Kweku and Amyn, presented a workshop on the theme of ‘Conflict and You’ which supported participants to reflect on how they manage conflict in their own lives and relationships; both personal and professional. 20 professionals attended the session which covered many of Leap’s core exercises, for example:

  • Conflict line up- participants place themselves on a ‘Fight/Flight’ line depending on their relationship with conflict
  • Red Flags- participants identify their triggers to anger or conflict
  • Unwritten Rules- participants discuss the unwritten rules in social situations
  • Facts Interpretation Decisions Outcome (FIDO)- participants learn the difference between the facts of a situation and their own interpretations and narrative around it

After the workshop Kweku reflected that it was:

 lively with high participation and the group was very mixed, from CEOs to case workers and volunteers. He felt they were ‘able to establish a safe space very quickly and there was rich and varied input from the participants especially during the conflict line ups.

Emma Fleming, Leap’s Senior Trusts & Statutory Income Officer said that:

 many of the participants commented on how even the short session had made them reflect on their own relationship to conflict and how that affects their actions and their relationship with the young people they support.’

We are proud to be part of UK Youth’s national network which supports us to drive change on a national level and empower the voices of the young people we work with. We are especially excited by how we can connect and engage Leap Young People with campaigning and advocacy opportunities throughout 2019.


To learn more about Leap’s work and training courses please go to our website or speak to our Business Development Manager Hannah Screech at or 020 7561 3700.

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