Lighting the Fire is our annual awards event that celebrates the young people, adults and organisations that excel at supporting young people to manage the conflict in their lives.

Lighting the Fire


Entries for Lighting the Fire will open March 2019. 

At Leap we know that conflict can take many forms, whether that's violence, aggression, relationship breakdown with family and friends, low self-esteem, bullying or self-harm. 

Every day we see volunteers and professionals carrying out inspirational work to support young people to manage conflict - sometimes without even realising that's what they do. These people are in a variety of places such as schools, children's homes, prisons, youth groups or in the wider community.

Lighting the Fire is a chance for young people, organisations, funders and guests from across all sectors to come together and shine the spotlight on the extraordinary people who make this work happen.

The awards ceremony is planned and hosted by Leap trainers and graduates, and is open to all organisations and individuals across the UK.


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