At Leap, it’s the knowledge that we can improve things for young people and communities that gets us out of bed in the morning. If you thrive as part of a busy, friendly and diverse team, then we may be the right place for you.

We are extremely proud to support the Open to All campaign, which encourages charities to only ask for a degree when completely necessary for a role. 

Current vacancies

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Our values


We’re innovative and open in the way we work with people, bringing fun, energy and inspiration to everything we do.


We’re flexible, working with the grain of the context and goals of young people and our partners to deliver great work.


We hold young people to account for their actions and we stick with them, providing the tough love that will help them reach their full potential.

Core Operating Principles

Our four core principles are both practical and aspirational. They are clearly reflected in the conduct of our frontline practitioners, in our projects and throughout Leap’s structures, procedures and partnerships. They have been informed by conflict resolution and peace-building values as well as the first-hand experience of our work over the past 30 years.

Developing potential

This means a commitment to:

  • Developing ourselves and empowering others
  • Taking a lead in our own lives 
  • Working for the best, for ourselves and others
  • Working with others to recognise the potential they have in themselves 
  • Examining ourselves, our own behaviour, attitudes and beliefs and where they come from and how they influence who and how we are

Being responsible

In practice this means:

  • Being accountable for our words and actions at all times
  • Keeping our word and dealing with our mistakes
  • Recognising and owning our own thoughts and feelings
  • Increasing our understanding of how the past influences our behaviour, in order to develop the range of choices available to us today

Creating communication

In practice this means:

  • Expressing ourselves fully and effectively in all our interactions
  • Articulating our thoughts, feelings and requests responsibly

It also means developing our ability to:

  • Create and maintain effective relationships
  • Distinguish different types of communication and develop skills to hold empowering conversations 
  • Listen to people, recognising the place from which they are speaking, and the place we are speaking to

Building community

This means a commitment to:

  • developing and sustaining a supportive, holistic community which promotes responsibility, creative communication, and the development of individual and group potential

In practice it means:

  • Valuing and welcoming difference - developing an understanding of the relevance of others’ backgrounds (class, education, race, gender etc)
  • Discovering common ground and building appropriate and realistic agreements
  • Giving and receiving support
  • Contributing to the lives of others and allowing others to contribute to ours

Working at Leap

“Having taken part in Leap's programmes as a young person myself, it's now amazing to be on the staff team supporting other young people to understand their own relationship with conflict and make changes in their lives. Working with people who are so committed to their work with young people really inspires me ”

Alex McKell, Project Worker

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Freelance Trainers

We recruit additional freelance trainers every couple of years. If people are interested in working as Trainer with us then please email your CV to Kimcha Rajkumar.