Improving Prospects: building the resilience of young people in the community

The way we work with young people

Improving Prospects is Leap’s flagship community-based programme designed to give young people aged 15-21 an insight into the causes and consequences of conflict. Two short courses are offered: Leadership and Choice to Change.

By taking part in training, young people gain the practical skills and confidence to take control of the direction their lives are taking. They learn that conflict is inevitable but when managed well, it can be a powerful catalyst for change.

We take referrals from partners in the community like local councils, youth services, youth offending services and schools. You can also refer yourself onto the course.

We support young people’s engagement and progression by providing one-to-one support before, during and after training. On completion of the programme, young people may decide to become a Leap trainer, young trustee, volunteer, return to education or secure employment.

Please get in contact with the team to find out more, or use the referral form at the end of this page.


Our Courses

Leadership course

The Leadership programme focuses on young people’s understanding and self-awareness of conflict – specifically in relation to choices and responsibility. This is done through group exercises, games and discussions with our expert trainers in a safe and friendly environment.

The course is for any young person whom conflict is an issue in their life, and it can be delivered in partnership with external organisations.

  • A three-day self-leadership programme for young people aged 16-21
  • Supports young people to develop new responses to difficult situations and take responsibility for their actions
  • Kick starts engagement with their own personal development
  • Group exercises, games and discussions
  • Costs of training covered including travel and food
  • 1:1 support from Leap staff before, during and after the course
  • Delivered from our offices in Finsbury Park, London, or can be delivered at your location with groups of 12-16 young people 

Choice to Change

Choice to Change looks deeper into the concepts covered in the Leadership Course. Young people work together as a group to develop their understanding of conflict in relation to choice and responsibility, and put these concepts into practice.

The course also develops young people’s facilitation skills, giving them the opportunity to deliver workshops to each other on topics covered during the programme.

  • A 10 day course, including a residential weekend, for young people aged 16-21
  • In depth exploration into young people’s understanding and self-awareness of conflict in relation to the choices they make
  • A facilitation module develops young people’s skills in delivering powerful group training for others.  
  • Free for participants with food and travel reimbursed 
  • 1:1 support from Leap staff before and after the course with volunteering opportunities upon completion
  • Delivered from our offices in Finsbury Park, London

Young Women's Work

Through group exercises, games and discussions facilitated by our expert team of trainers, we support positive relationship building and improved decision making by exploring issues of consent, choice and safety. Developed for young women, the course examines self-value by raising awareness and understanding of young women’s experiences as females.

This is a program for young women between 13 and 21 years old, who may be at risk or involved with gangs:

  • A three-day programme packed with group exercises, games and discussions
  • Supports young women to improve their sense of self-worth and belief in their value, qualities and abilities
  • Kick starts engagement with their own personal development
  • 1:1 support from Leap staff before and after the course
  • Can be delivered at your location, with groups of 5-10 young women

Youth Involvement Group

After completing our courses, all young graduates are welcome to join our Youth Involvement Group. This gives all young people an opportunity to stay in touch with those on their course as well as meet others. These sessions also provide training, often chosen by the young people themselves, such a money management or public speaking.

Members of the Youth Involvement Group can also get involved with leap’s wider work, such as planning and attending events, becoming spokespeople or volunteering with us.

  • A group for all young graduates of Leap courses
  • A space for young people to have their say and have a voice
  • A celebration event at the end of each year
  • Wider opportunities for involvement with Leap 

Impact of the programme

“I have a better understanding of my relationship with conflict. Now I take myself out of the conflict and look at it through the perspective of other people. Prior to the course I didn’t really consider the effects of communication. Now I try to resolve conflict by thinking about how I communicate with others. ”

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