Leap Confronting Conflict publishes easy to use resources to support you in working with young people and conflict.

From our action research projects and programme development, we have developed a number of publications and resources that draw on the knowledge gained from the past 30 years. Our project reports and other documents are also available for you to download.

Whether you are a teacher, youth worker, housing or social worker, a staff development officer, trainer or part of a multi-agency team we’re confident that you will find our publications useful in your work.


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1 Leap Strategy: 2017 - 2019

Our strategy is ambitious and challenging, and means we will futher unleash the talent and potential of young people experiencing conflict in their lives. 

2 Impact Report 2016

Our Impact Report reflects on the progress and impact we made during 2016, and takes a look forward at our future plans.

3 Theory of change

Our Theory of Change distills our learning and experience into one document so that we can easily explain what we do, how it works and how we define and measure success.

Evaluation supports Leap in understanding the impact of our training. We use a framework of outcomes that identify changes on a personal, interpersonal and societal level.  Our Journey of Change tool enables us to gather robust data from young people, trainers and referral partners.  We also undertake longitudinal research to track young people’s longer term progression and achievements. Insights gained help us to tighten the design and effectiveness of our programmes.


4 Summary: Long-term evaluation of Quarrel Shop 2014/15 cohort

Key points from the long-term independent evaluation of our gradutes from the 2014/15 Quarrel Shop programme (now known as Choice to Change). 

5 Long-term evaluation of Quarrel Shop 2014/15 cohort

This report summarises an evaluation of the 2014/15 graduates from Quarrel Shop (now known as Choice to Change). This independent evaluation, carried out by Brathay Trust Research Hub, researched the long-term outcomes achieved by participants. Research was carried out at three key points:

  1. Before the course
  2. On graduation
  3. Ten months to two and a half years after graduation 

Quarrel Shop (now known as Choice to Change) is a training course delivered by Leap Confronting Conflict to young people between the ages of 16 and 21. The course specifically targets young people who are involved in the Criminal Justice System, are in or have experienced care, are involved in gangs or are not in mainstream education. 

6 Evaluating Quarrel Shop 2013 Cohort

This report presents the results of an evaluation of the long term outcomes achieved by participants. Research was carried out at least a year after they completed one of the three Quarrel Shop courses Leap ran in 2013 as part of the Improving Prospects programme. 

Quarrel Shop is a training course delivered by Leap Confronting Conflict to young people between the ages of 15 and 21. The course specifically targets young people who have been involved in violence either as perpetrator, bystander or victim, who have been involved with the Criminal Justice system, have been in care or are at risk of exclusion from school or college. 

7 Tackling knife crime workshop resource

Leap's tackling knife crime programme takes young people on a journey starting with why they carry knives and ending with skills and strategies for change. Participants explore their options in conflict situations, looking at the conseqeunces of being involved in knife crime both from a 'street' and criminal justice perspective.

This resource pack gives you lesson plans to help you run four 1 hour sessions on the impact and consequences of knife carrying on young people. It also contains photocopy-able resources and a DVD of interactive 'real life' scenarios deivsed and acted by young people. 

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8 Peer Mediation Toolkit

This toolkit provides everthing needed to begin and sustain peer mediation in schools.

All the materials have come from 5 years of mediation work and were produced with help from young mediators. They have been used to train 100s of young mediatiors in 23 schools in London and Yorkshire.


  • An introduction to peer mediation: A young person's guide
  • Resolve It DVD!
  • 'On the Spot' DVD and factsheet.
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9 An introduction to peer mediation: A young person's guide

This step-by-step guide, full of useful tips and tricks for young peer mediators, gives them the skills they need to help others resolve conflicts.

It has been shaped by the experience of trainee young mediators taking part in our 3 year project with schools in London and West Yorkshire to reduce conflict, bullying and low level violence.

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10 Playing with Fire

Originally published in 1992, this structured manual and training programme covers all aspects of conflict, from the initial igniting spark to the roaring blaze.

In addition to ideas and session plans (including exercises and activities that explore conflict and develop skills and techniques for tackling it), this second edition includes new sessions on working with issues of identity and prejudice and working with wider community issues. 

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11 Working with Gangs and Young People

Resulting from three years' action research with 14-25 year-olds, this ground breaking manual explores innovative and engaging ways of working with antagonistic groups, from the principle that conflict is an inevitable part of life. It shows how, if left unresolved, conflict can be damaging; but it worked with creatively, it can be an opportunity for growth and change.

Includes easy to follow and flexible exercises, photocopy-able handouts and activity materials and workshop day plans.

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12 Making A Leap: Theatre Of Empowerment

Taking a holistic approach, this handbook is designed for those wanting to use drama and theatre to explore personal and social issues in their work with young people. Developed from ten years of active research in community settings, the authors' approach to theatre-making draws on a range of disciplines, including theatre in education, community theatre, youth work, group work and conflict resolution. The book should be suitable for use by both experienced theatre practitioners and beginners, and provides a model that is adaptable for work with different groups and different timescales: a day, a week, or a period of months.

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13 From Violence to Resilience

This manual draws on Leap's most transformational work with young people to give you everything you need to help young people explore their behaviour and transform their lives. From the guiding principles, partnerships and environmental challenges to programme content, ground rules and onward progression routes, you'll be shown ways to create the pathway from violence to resilience for young people.

Includes detailed lesson plans, resources and comprehensive facilitators' notes.

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14 Resolve It DVD

This short film by our Peer Link volunteers shows how mediation works to solve conflict. It features a realistic school conflict role play and follow-up mediation. The film also shows tips from experienced young mediators and success stories from young people who have been through mediation.

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15 On the Spot DVD

This film, made by Peer Link volunteers, shows how to carry out on the spot mediation and gives you tips to keep you safe. It's an ideal follow-up for trained mediators so why not suggest showing it at your mediation group. This DVD is also accompanied by a factsheet. 

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