What we do

Leap delivers programmes to young people and develops the skills of the adult professionals working with them, in partnership with local councils, schools, prisons, and community and voluntary organisations. 

We research the emerging issues facing young people today to develop our understanding and influence policy and practice change.

  • Support for young people

    Helping young people transform their lives
  • Major projects & policy

    Understanding issues facing young people and society
  • Training for adults who work with young people

    Building confidence and skills of professionals

Why it works

Our ethos and approach

Underpinned by our belief in young people’s ability to use the practical tools we give them to shift their thinking and behaviour, and transform their lives.

Our curriculum

Created through action research and honed through almost 30 years’ experience in the voluntary sector, youth offending services, schools and prisons .

Our trainers

With an excellence and calibre gained through direct experience in the field; around half of the trainers who have graduated from our courses have worked with us for over 10 years.

Our participants

Who bring courage and a willingness to open up about their experiences and take risks that allow them to work on their own relationship with conflict.

Why we exist

We know that no one’s life and future are set in stone and that everyone has the capacity to change. We want every young person to know that too. That’s why we support young people to turn their lives around

Conflict is a part of all of our lives: It’s how we choose to respond to it that really matters.

Adolescence is a turbulent time. Young people can find it hard to cope with everyday conflicts. When handled well, conflict can help us grow and develop. But for some, badly-managed conflict undermines identity, self-esteem and aspirations, and can lead to antisocial or violent behaviour.

Leap believes in the potential of every young person and their right to succeed. We give them the encouragement - and the push - to recognise their worth and capacity to change their own life.  We help young people to draw on their own skills and resources, and see the benefits of making different decisions, leading to better outcomes: for them and those around them.

Our impact

By taking part in our training, young people acquire the skills and personal resources to understand, manage and resolve conflict. Many areas of their lives improve including relationships and decision-making. They are able to adopt new ways of thinking and behaving, and are better placed to support peers in dealing with conflict and become youth leaders in their communities.

We have the greatest impact when our programmes reach not only young people but also those who work with them. By learning more about their own relationship with conflict, adult professionals become better equipped to respond to young people’s needs. They gain tools and techniques for direct use in their work and build confidence in helping young people deal with challenging emotions.

By successfully helping young people manage destructive conflict we are contributing to making our communities safer for all of us.

Louis' story

I never used to want to go to school - I used to pretend to my mum that I was ill. My mum would shout “Come on, you need to go to school” but I really hated it. I always wondered why out of nearly 600 kids I seemed to be the only one that got bullied.

Some of our numbers


In 2015, we delivered our programmes to over 1,000 young people and over 500 practitioners


of those who were involved in street violence before a Leap course had not been involved since


of those who had been arrested in the past year had not been arrested since completion of a Leap course


of young people agreed that, concerning education and employment, Leap had made a big difference to where they are one year later